German Development Minister Gerd Müller visiting a cocoa plantation in Côte d’Ivoire

Germany launches initiatives for cocoa and coffee with Côte d’Ivoire

Côte d’Ivoire is the world's largest cocoa producer. In addition, the government is investing massively in coffee cultivation. Cocoa is the country's most important export product, accounting for a share of 40 percent. As far as added value is concerned, however, very little reaches the farmers. Improving people's living conditions on the plantations and ensuring that more processing takes place on the ground – these have been the focus themes of German Development Minister Gerd Müller's visit to Côte d’Ivoire.


German-Cameroonian graduate school opens in Yaoundé

A new bilateral graduate school has been set up by Bielefeld University and the University of Yaoundé. The school 's name is YaBiNaPA which stands for 'Natural Products with Antiparasite and Antibacterial Activity'.

Guinean Naby Keita from RB Leipzig

African players in Germany’s Bundesliga

The German Bundesliga just kicked-off after the winter-break. The transfer-window shut-down end of January, so the GIC Africa has a look at African players in Germany’s top flight.

Germany pledges to provide 15 million Euro in emergency aid

Hands holding corn in Kenya

Following a phone call with UN Emergency Relief Coordinator Stephen O’Brien, German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel issued a statement saying that the dramatic famines in the Horn of Africa, the Lake Chad region and in South Sudan require comprehensive international relief measures.

Gabriel pushes for concerted action to combat hunger

Germany earmarks 120 million Euro at Humanitarian Conference in Oslo

A family flee across Lake Chad after an attack by Boko Haram

It is one of the largest humanitarian crises of the present day: millions of displaced persons and refugees who are urgently in need of assistance are living in the Lake Chad region. Germany is making available 120 million Euro in financial assistance and, as co-host of a donor conference in Oslo, mobilised additional international support on February 24.

Assistance for 11 million people

DEG invests in Southern African fashion retailer

Shopping Mall in Midrand, South Africa

There is high demand for affordable, fashionable clothing in Southern Africa. The German Investment and Development Corporation DEG financing for the Southern African retail chain, Retailability (Pty) Limited, focuses on this need. DEG is providing 100 million South African Rand to the retailer which targets customers in the low to middle income bracket.

Growth capital in local currency for Retailability (Pty) Limited

New eyes open to the gamma-ray sky

One of four huge telescopes of the HESS project in Namibia

The newly refurbished cameras of the H.E.S.S. gamma-ray telescopes in Namibia have detected their first signals from a cosmic particle accelerator: The new cameras recorded Markarian 421 as their first target, a well-known blazar in the constellation of Ursa Major.

H.E.S.S. gamma-ray telescopes in Namibia

Experimento in three African countries

Children perform an experiment

Discovering and understanding scientific and technological interrelationships: this is the aim of Siemens Foundation and its international educational program Experimento. The program aims to make children and young people excited about scientific and technological interrelationships. In Africa Experimento is currently active in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.

Real-life science and technology instruction

ITB Berlin maintains its strong appeal

Stand of Botswana, partner country of ITB Berlin 2017

The international tourism industry currently faces many challenges. Amid the latest geopolitical situation holidaymakers have become unsure about how safe it is to travel. Since March 8 ITB Berlin debates highly controversial issues and on the eve of the 51st edition continues to maintain its strong market position.

Spotlight on this year's partner country Botswana

New economic partnership with Africa

"Businesses that invest in Africa need well trained skilled workers," says Federal Development Minister Gerd Müller

"Technical and vocational education and training is the key to more investment and more jobs in Africa," said German Development Minister Gerd Müller at the German-African Business Summit in Nairobi.

German-African Business Summit in Nairobi

The portal for international qualified professionals

Make it in Germany is the official multilingual online portal for international qualified professionals. It helps them find out how to make a success of coming to Germany – from preparations in their home countries to arriving and getting settled in.

Working, training and studying in Germany

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Africa is a special focus of German foreign policy. Germany's policy towards Africa is value-based; its principles are respect for human rights, democracy, and the rule of law and peaceful resolution of conflicts.

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